Four Amazing Uses for Tea Tree Oil

While there are a ton of natural products on the market that are meant to heal and protect the skin, there is one that surpasses all others in its versatility. A special oil called tea tree oil has healing abilities that can take care of a wide array of skin conditions. This special oil can be used for everything from a face wash to a house cleaner. If you are not familiar with how this oil can be used, allow these four unique uses to spark your curiosity.

Acne is caused by a bacteria that invades the skin pores and causes them to become clogged. This oil is perfect for treating all types of acne. It not only fights against the infection, but also helps to stop the inflammation and irritation. This oil is very potent so only a small amount is needed for treatment. Using a cotton ball or cotton swab is the perfect way to deliver the oil right where it is needed. The oil can be used once a day until the acne is cleared.

Athlete's feet is a condition no one wants to deal with. The itching, redness and smell can be difficult to handle and treat. Using this special oil can help to rid the body of the fungus so the condition is healed. This works better than medications that can cause side-effects. It also provides instant relief for the itching and irritation felt between the toes.

Adults and children can both contract head lice and it tends to spread rapidly. Adding a few drops of this oil to your normal shampoo can immediately kill the lice and soothe the itching in the scalp. When used at the first sign of infestation, this is one of the best methods of treatment and it is not dangerous like the chemical treatments normally used.

When a cough will not seem to go away, Tea Tree Oil on Amazon can be added to a vaporizer. This allows the congestion to loosen up so coughs can be more productive. This can help to clear the lungs for easier breathing.

There are many more uses for this special oil. To learn more about its healing properties, visit Apothecary Extracts tea tree oil. Through Apothecary's Amazon Page, you can learn more about the uses of this oil and purchase your own so you can begin witnessing its beneficial properties. This is one of the best oils for treating a wide array of skin ailments.